Challenges in our rural communities

What are the major problems in rural areas?
One major problem is there won’t be much access to healthcare centers. Thus, when you need to get a check-up done, you won’t know where to go. If there is an emergency, you will need to travel a long distance to get to the nearest hospital. When your wife is in labor, you may need to manually pull out the baby. Another problem would be a lack of public transportation so people living there would have a difficult time getting from one place to another. They would have no choice but to depend on their small vehicles and those things can only take them to a short distance. Yes, they won’t be able to travel far and they probably won’t need to anyway. Another problem is being isolated from all the good stuff. Yes, there won’t be shopping malls to go to and get some cold air when the weather outside is hot.

What problems do communities face?
Access to high-speed Internet is the biggest problem communities face as there is no way they can update their social media accounts and check their emails on a regular basis. Poverty is one of the main challenges in our rural communities since they don’t have any access to good restaurants so they need to make their own food. When natural disasters come in, they won’t have much to protect their homes. They have no choice but to succumb to the dangers that these natural disasters bring. There is a possibility you will lose everything you worked hard for.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a rural area?
One disadvantage is there won’t be much job opportunities to begin with. Thus, you will need to travel a long distance to get to your job and it will probably not pay enough for your bills. Another disadvantage is education as there won’t be much opportunities to learn new things. Of course, there will be some learning centers but you can’t expect there to be much equipment there. Thus, your kids won’t learn much and they will take that when they grow up and be adults. One advantage is you will most likely develop a great relationship with the other people living in the community. It is like being friends with everyone in the neighborhood so it won’t be long before you already know what their attitude is like.