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Environmental Consulting Services for Australian Businesses in 2020

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The environmental consulting services sector can produce as many jobs as the manufacturing industry. Still, many people do not realize that this industry is booming and is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. The environmental consulting services business consists of over 10,000 facilities (single-site businesses and units of multiple-site companies) with annual sales of about $3 billion.

The consulting sector offers many environmental services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, conserve energy, build environmentally friendly structures or green projects, and reduce their waste. Green projects are projects that will increase the economy in any region and are a way for companies to help the environment. Most large corporations have already signed on to do some green projects at some point in time. However, companies are finding that it is cheaper and easier to do these green projects themselves than hiring outside consultants to manage them for them.

A major function of an environmental consulting is to advise companies on how to improve their sustainability by implementing sustainability programs and increasing their facilities’ efficiency. By doing so, companies can save a lot of money. A typical environmental consultant works on the project from its inception until it is completed and passes regulatory standards. An environmental consultant should always have a list of references, whether they are current clients or not, if they have other clients who might be interested in hiring their services in the future.

Environmental consulting also provide the general public with information on what steps to improve the environment. One of the most common of these is recycling. Recycling programs are often incorporated into larger projects, such as building a plant to produce solar panels or a composting facility. There are also recycling centers that offer services to residential customers. They offer a variety of options for homeowners to choose from to make a homes more eco-friendly.

Companies that use these services include restaurants, offices, hotels, schools, corporations, and other companies. There is usually a separate environmental consulting department that is responsible for each type of company.


Stephenson Environmental Management Australia

  • Environmental Consultants – Brisbane, QLD 4000
  • Monitoring, Analysis & Control Services. 25 Years Of Experience
  • Level 21 AMP Place 10 Eagle St, Brisbane QLD 4000
  • (07) 3622 0317



SLR Consulting Australia

  • Environmental Consultants – Spring Hill, QLD 4000
  • Leading Environmental Consultancy – Nationwide – Quality Certification
  • Level 2 15 Astor Tce, Spring Hill QLD 4000
  • (07) 3858 4800



Airlabs Environmental

  • Environmental Consultants – Loganholme, QLD 4129
  • Specialising In Stack Gas, Air, Odour, Noise & Occupational Testing
  • 1300 579 030



Biodiversity Assessment & Management

  • Environmental Consultants – Cleveland, QLD 4163
  • Habitat And Fauna Specialists
  • Certified Environmental Practitioners
  • 26-40 Delancey St, Cleveland QLD 4163
  • (07) 3286 7788


Environmental consulting is a booming business because there is an increased awareness of environmental responsibility. There is also a need for a lot of qualified professionals because the environmental consulting sector is very diverse. There are consultants for the private sector, government agencies, multinationals, and government contractors, among others.